Pattern imprinted concrete comes in a variety of patterns and colours, which can be combined in many ways.

For inspiration, have a look at the gallery.

We’ve been installing pattern imprinted concrete since it was first launched in the UK some 25 years ago.

“Dean and his team were prompt and efficient. They were very professional managing to finish the work against all the odds of the onset of the winter weather conditions!”

Brian Tanner
pattern imprinted concrete patio

Reasons to choose Pattern Imprinted Concrete for you Driveway include:

Ultra Violet (UV) protection – This ensures that colours do not fade over time

Wide choice of Patterns and Colours – Whether you’re looking to create a traditional look that blends in with your home or looking to provide a bold contrast imprinted concrete can deliver.

Low Maintenance – There is minimal maintenance required to ensure your pattern imprinted concrete surface stays in ‘tip-top’ condition. Weeds will be a thing of the past as there aren’t any spaces for them to grow.

Stain Resistant – Oil and petrol/diesel spillages can happen. But due to the sealed surface these are easy to remove with just washing liquid and water.

Great Value – In comparison to block paving and resin a pattern imprinted concrete driveway offers great value for money. In comparison a pattern imprinted concrete surface can cost 20-30% less.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Farrelly Construction

Is Pattern Imprinted Concrete right for you?

Whether you’re surfacing a driveway area, paths or patio area imprinted concrete is worthy of consideration. Just take a look at some of the colour choices and patterns in our gallery.

If you’re looking for a surface that will provide excellent weight bearing capacity, excellent drainage and creates a stunning look….look no further.

Please visit our pattern imprinted concrete FAQ page for more information you may find useful.

We have installed pattern imprinted concrete driveways in many areas including London, Essex, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex.