Project Summary 

The initial brief for the Stanmore car park project was to resurface 3000 square metres of tarmac for the Stanmore Construction offices in Erith Kent.

Initially the brief was to install a UltiDrive solution (porous tarmac), subsequently, following ground soak away testing, it was decided that the UltiDrive solution would not meet the drainage requirements.  

The brief was altered, therefore, to include installation of a drainage system with the capability of dealing with drainage water for 3000 sq. metres.

Also included was the installation of car park lighting, pylons and cabling and the associated ducting.

Project duration for the Stanmore car park was 4 weeks.

Stanmore Car Park: Site Excavation

Stanmore Car Park Site Excavation groundworks

The site was excavated and cleared, involving the removal of in excess of 2,600 tonnes of made up ground, to levels as set out by the engineer.

Approximately 1000 linear metres of trenches for the electrical ducting for: EVC (vehicle charging), communications cabling, and the electrical supply for 10 new floodlight columns, were dug.

In addition, over 200 metres of trenches for installation of drainage were dug.

The perimeter of was prepared for the installation of 358 metres of kerbing around the whole site, the kerbing to comprise HB1, HB2 and mono kerb drain.

Installation of Electrical Ducting

Electrical Ducting

Ducting was installed together with 14 NR Junction boxes, to accommodate the cabling and the trenches were then backfilled to achieve a minimum coverage of 600mm.

Installation of Drainage System and Kerbs

Stanmore Car park Kerb Drainage
Installation of drainage system and kerbs

A combination of various drainage types were required to meet the requirements of the site.

The recommended drainage included:

-Kerb Drain HB480 around some the site perimeter,

-Mono Drain PD100D to the entrance and corners of the site, and

-Q Max 350 drainage channel through the centre line of the site.

Stanmore car park Q Max 350 drainage channel
Q Max 350 drainage channel

Inlet and outlet chambers were installed at the connection points.

Farrelly Construction worked alongside ACO Technologies Ltd., to design and install the drainage to combine the three types of drainage to meet the estimated surface water drainage demands in the most effective manner.

All drainage trenches were then backfilled using concrete to the design specification.

Kerbs were installed around the perimeter of the site, and backfilled with a semi-dry concrete.

Preparation of Sub-Base

Stanmore car park Textile Membrane

A Terram T1000 Geo textile membrane was installed across the complete site.

Over 1,500 tons of MOT Type 1 Granite was laid, levelled, and compacted, to a minimum depth of 200mm.

Resurfacing of the Stanmore Car Park

stanmore car park resurfacing
Surfacing of the Stanmore car park

Tarmac resurfacing was carried out using a high quality SMA (Stone, Mastic & Asphalt) Tarmac.

A 20mm(aggregate) Binder course was laid to a minimum depth of 70mm, and then a 30 mm wearing   course was laid, hot-rolled and compacted.

White Lining

Stanmore car park lining
Stanmore car park white lining

Once the Tarmac was cured the car park was finished with the application of white lining to mark it out.

Stanmore Car Park Project

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